Is Nepal safe to travel after massive Earthquake?

Is Nepal safe to travel after massive Earthquake?

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08Jun 2015

These days there is a curiosity “Is Nepal safe to travel after massive Earthquake?”

Simply, we would like to say to all our clients and visitors that Nepal is safe to visit now.

It is now over a month after the big Nepal earthquake (Gorkha earthquake – 7.8 MI); still you will see broken buildings and rubbles all over Kathmandu valley and its surrounding villages. Few people still sleep in tent. But whatever you hear is probably a wrong. Some rumors that you probably heard might be true but it’s going to normal life these days.

Most of the people think that Nepal is just a pile of rubble after destructive earthquake. Actually what is the fact? It’s just opposite of the world thinking.  Kathmandu Valley is only a piece of cake; there are lots of historical and natural places beside it. Even few temples and house are destroyed on 25th April earthquake. Except few apartments and business complex, only old houses made by brick and mud are destroyed. As a rough report given by government of Nepal only 5% of house in Kathmandu Valley is down to rubble where as only 2 percent of hotels are unsafe to conduct.

Some media, especially online portal spray a rumor like food, water and medicine are running low throughout the country. We would like to claim that, such type of situation was just for a week and its safe now. Government gives green (safe) and red (closed) sticker to every business as well as private sector. Most of the Hotels, restaurants, educational intuition as well as business complex are running smoothly as before. Tourism Hotel Organization of nepal said that 90 percent hotels are safe and already given a green sticker to them and few are under maintenance for minor cracks on walls.chitwan national park

Nepal will be much better in few months. This will be safe for tourism sector as well. Manaslu, Rolwaling, Rubi Valley and Langtang trails are the only four trekking trails affected by the earthquake. Except these trek trail, others trails are safe to travel. Even for langtang region we can do camping trek. There are more than hundreds trekking packages in Nepal. Among the 10 National Parks, only Langtang National Park is affected by the quake. All others are safe.

Although heritage sites enlisted in the UNESCO's World Heritage Sites suffered damages in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur, major attraction sites in Lalitpur and Bhaktapur are intact or only need some reparations before they can be opened for visitors. Some historical places are damaged but we still have many temples and monasteries here in Nepal.

Only eight districts have been significantly affected out of seventy five districts of Nepal. On which only one Langtang region trekking is affected. Though Gorkha district is highly affected, it has not such a disaster on Manaslu trekking rout.

Pokhara, one of the beautiful tourist destinations of the world is almost zero affected area where tourist can spend their vacation. Paragliding, zip flying, boating and many more activities can do in Pokhara City. International airport and all domestic airports are not affected by earthquake so no need to worry about transportation.

Except Kathmandu valley we can do tours in other parts including jungle safari and others activities. We have various landscape; high mountain – Himalayas, mountain region and plain tarai region. Even in tarai and Lower Mountain there are several historical as well as cultural sites as well as national parks like Chitwan national Park.

To help Nepal, visit countryside of Nepal, different national parks and buy their local products. Buying local is helping for victim. It’s not all about money, its humanity and friendship.

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