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  • Shy Phokshundo Lake in Dolpo
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Dolpo region is situated in the remotest region lying in the northwestern part of Nepal and also located at the back part of mid-western part of Nepal behind Dhaulagiri massif and close to Tibet plateau. This region is surrounded by much mysterious wander land so Dolpo has been considered the last authorization of pure Tibetan culture and tradition.The land here is very beautiful and community of people living here follow Tibetan Buddhism. We will get chance to see the worlds deepest LakeShey-Phokshundo (706 square km) at an altitude of 3600m and also many more famous and amazing lakes. We can view many beautiful and snowy mountain peaks from here such as Araniko Chuli (6034m),Kanjiriba north (6883m), Dhaulagiri I (8167m), Churen Himal (7381m), Kanjiriba south (6861m), Putha Hiunchuli (7249m), Mukot Himal (6639m),and many more. During the trek, we will see various rain shadow landscapes with fantastic mountain views, wild flowers, wild animal like Himalayan blue sheep, snow leopards and huge birds Himalayan griffon. Due to climatic condition, Its hard to grow crops there, due to which lifestyle of people living here is difficult. Thus, for living most of local people are involved in the salt trade from Tibet and this traditional culture has been continued in Doplo from long generations.

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The team was amazing! Everything was according to plan and on time. The route is calculated well, there has always been rest and recovery enough. The team always chose good places to stay overnight along the route. The whole team is very well prepared ...

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