Trekking and tour in Tibet

  • Chiu Gompa in Tibet, Monastry
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For centuries it was forbidden to travelers, Tibets ancient civilizations and culture flourished behind a veil of mystery and secrecy, capturing our imagination throughout history. But no longer is this destination for only the most daring explorers with a lot of time on their hands.

Despite years of religious, social and political upheaval, Tibets grandeur, magic and mystery still remain undiminishedtruly an adventurers paradise. Tibets breathtaking Himalayan range rising from the Tibetan Plateau; holy Mount Kailash; the ruins of lost cities Tholing and Tsaprang; and Lake Manasarovar, one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world, are but a few places to which Adventure Karnali can escort you, either by road or by air.

As travel season for this region is limited (April-November), reservations are highly recommended to assure air transport availability.

Trekking and tour in Tibet Packages

  • Mt Kailash Trekking and Tour


    Mt Kailash, one of the secret mountains for holy people for Hindu and Buddhism. The mount Kailash has been and will be a pilgrimage of the Hindu and Buddhist. It’s significant tradition of cultural ...

    Trip Grade Challenginng
    Duration15 Days
  • Lhasa Tour with Everest Base Camp


    Tibet- Lhasa tour and Everest Base Camp tour is an eight-day adventure journey that begins and ends in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet with a visit to the north Everest base camp. It covers ...

    Trip Grade Moderate
    Duration12 Days

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The team was amazing! Everything was according to plan and on time. The route is calculated well, there has always been rest and recovery enough. The team always chose good places to stay overnight along the route. The whole team is very well prepared ...

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