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The first time civilizations in Nepal, which flourished around the 6th century B.C., were confined to the fertile Kathmandu Valley where the present-day capital of the same name is located. It was in this region that Prince Siddhartha was born c. 563 B.C. Gautama achieved enlightenment as Buddha and spawned Buddhist belief.

Nepali rulers early patronage of Buddhism...

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Trekking in nepal without Guide or Porter ?

Some of the previous visitor already been solo trekking. They had lots fun during trekking in Nepal without guide or porter. But Nepal Tourism officials said solo trekkers now onwards must hire a guide or a porter for certain Areas.

For the security and establishment of Tourism Sector hiring a guide in mandatory factors, said officials. it is...

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The team was amazing! Everything was according to plan and on time. The route is calculated well, there has always been rest and recovery enough. The team always chose good places to stay overnight along the route. The whole team is very well prepared ...

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