Trekking in nepal without Guide or Porter?

Some of the previous visitor already been solo trekking. They had lots fun during trekking in Nepal without guide or porter. But Nepal Tourism officials said solo trekkers now onwards must hire a guide or a porter for certain Areas.

For the security and establishment of Tourism Sector hiring a guide in mandatory factors, said officials. it is very necessary to assure safety of tourists. Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) has long been demanding the government to enforce 'no trekking without a guide or porter' system for the safety of tourists.

Nepal is a beautiful country. It has a diversity on nature, culture, language, religions and many more facts. You can see lots mountain range from most of the village areas. Officials said hiring a guide or porter helps to travelers learn their culture, habitat and surrounding as well as the security of Travelers.

Rugged trail of most of the Nepalese trekking route is dangerous for every foreigner who had never been in such high altitude. In most of the cases they are unknown of local dramatic changing weather as well as high-altitude sickness. Rescuing in an emergency is so tough for solo trekkers since no sufficient information should gather about them.

Since August 2015, now onwards trekking in Nepal without a guide is restricted. You must hire at least one guide or porter and must engage with any of the government license holder tours, Travel Company for your treks.

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